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Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

Defending Members of the Armed Forces Worldwide

At the Federal Practice Group, their court martial attorneys are dedicated to standing up for the rights of those accused of crimes in the military. In this sensitive and complex area, the team provides skilled and high-quality legal representation to those who need it. They treat each client as an individual and fight to ensure that their best interests are protected throughout the entire process. Founded on integrity and zealous advocacy, the team is dedicated to protecting the future and freedom of each person that comes to the office for help. As their clients are often serving worldwide, so is the firm as to offer international defense. The legal team understands that not every person is guilty just because they were accused of a crime and will do everything possible to get their charges reduced or even dismissed. The firm's successes in court serve as a testament to their unwavering commitment to provide aggressive and strong legal defense.

Members of the Armed Forces, whether of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, face extremely difficult challenges when accused of a criminal act or when facing charges of violations of administrative law, national security law or other serious violations. At the Federal Practice Group, the firm represents military personnel stationed both domestically and overseas; they will come to you. The firm has an in-depth level of experience, having handled everything from the simplest of cases to high visibility, high stakes litigation. The legal team at the firm specializes in officer misconduct and has successfully represented officers worldwide. By looking through the recent case results, you can discover exactly how this firm has been able to help members of the military who have found themselves facing criminal allegations.

About Military & Court Martial Defense

The firm has extensive experience in military criminal defense. They represent members of the military worldwide in violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and cases involving Article 15 - UCMJ. If you are facing the repercussions of a Summary Court Martial (SCM), Special Court Martial (SPCM), General Court Martial (GCM), the quality and experience of your military criminal lawyer is a crucial issue. The legal team at the firm moves forward at once with defense actions to support your case and is personally and professionally committed to each client. They also can provide exceptional legal representation in appellate law [CAAF, NMCCA, ACCA], General Officer representation, and can represent clients in Boards of Inquiry, as well as Combat Environment representation.

The crimes and punishment in violations of the UCMJ or national security or administrative law are imposed with a heavy hand, and the quality and experience of your military defense attorney can have a significant impact on the final outcome of the case. As highly qualified and experienced litigators, the legal team can provide you with talented and high quality representation in command/criminal investigations, accusations of Officer Misconduct, violations of Law of Armed Conflict Accusations ("war crimes"), and terrorism. Those in the military who are facing accusations regarding fraternization can suffer repercussions that civilians never have to consider, and the final case outcome can significantly impact your future military career. In more serious criminal charges, such as murder, a conviction will have unthinkable consequences. Immediate and effective defense actions must be undertaken in such cases. Those who are under security detentions and extraditions, are facing legal issues surrounding confidential informants or have had their rights violated by illegal search and seizure require the highest quality defense attorney to fight for their rights. The Federal Practice Group is there to provide this crucial service.

Military Criminal Charges & Penalties

When criminally charged, a member of the military will have to deal with the same penalties that the average citizen would be expected to bear – this includes incarceration, monetary fines and even the possibility of paying restitution to the victim and their family. For a serviceman or woman, this goes one step further. Should they be successfully convicted, they will also be expected to deal with a tarnished reputation and could even be forced to deal with additional penalties levied by the military. They could suffer demotion and could possibly even be given a dishonorable discharge. These can be considerably more serious than the civil penalties that could be levied; it is for this reason that you should not hesitate to get the experienced representation of a knowledgeable military criminal attorney.

In cases of violation of military administrative law, and Administrative Separation Process, Boards For Correction of Military Records, the firm can represent you either nationally or internationally. They take a "whole person" approach, not just the symptom. The firm has unmatched dedication to the individual and work tirelessly to support all of their clients throughout the legal process. In cases of charges related to domestic violence, restraining orders, and protective orders, getting these issues sorted out quickly and effectively is of great concern to the accused.

Why hire a court martial lawyer?

If you or a family member were accused of a crime in the military, it can be difficult to know where to turn next. As the military criminal process is far different from the civilian process, you will need a court martial attorney on your side who has extensive experience in this area of law. The team at Federal Practice Group can offer skilled and aggressive representation for members of the military. They understand that these situations can have far-reaching consequences and therefore do everything in their power to fight for the best interests of their clients. Even if you believe your case is too serious, you should still contact their team so that they can examine your case. Which legal representative you choose could make all the difference in the outcome of your case. If you were accused of a theft crime, sex crime, white collar crime, or more, you should contact the firm.

Whether you are stationed in the U.S. or in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Japan, Germany, or any other location worldwide, the firm can represent you and will take immediate action to protect your rights. If you are accused of an offense, it is imperative that you have experienced representation from a military attorney from the firm. There is a wide range of charges that if not aggressively and professionally defended can lead to lengthy prison sentences, as well as the sudden and final end of a military career. The current political climate has increased the number of charges filed against hardworking, dedicated members of the military. The military criminal attorneys at the firm carefully evaluate the situation and move forward quickly to protect your rights and fight for your future, both personally and professionally. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact a court martial attorney at the firm today. They would be happy to speak with you.

The Federal Practice Group is proud to serve military bases around the world. Just some of the bases that they serve include Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Bragg, Fort Benning, Fort Bliss, Fort Campbell, Fort Drum, Fort Hood, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Lackland Air Force Base, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort/Parris Island, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Okinawa Marine Corps Base, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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